Abbreviation Description
AAC Absorption/Adsorption Chiller
AC Alternating Current
ATES Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage
BA Battery (electrical)
BB Biomass Boiler
BETS Borehole Thermal Energy Storage
BRF Gross Room Volume
BIM Building Information Modeling
BKI Building cost index
BMWK German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action
C-rate Charging rate (of storage)
CC Compression Chiller
CDT Cool-Down Time
CHPP Combined Heat and Power Plant
COP Coefficient of Performance
CSV Comma-Separated Values [data format]
DC Direct Current
DWD German weather service (Deutscher Wetterdienst)
EER Energy Efficiency Ratio
EPW Energy Plus Weather
ER Electric Heating Rod
FC Hydrogen Fuel Cell
GB Gas Boiler
GCV Gross Calorific Value, also known as Higher Heating Value (HHV)
GenSim Generic Building Simulation [simulation tool]
GFA Gross floor area (BGF) of a building
GUI Graphical User Interface
HC Hydrogen Compressor
HEL Hydrogen Electrolyser
HHV Higher Heating Value, also known as Gross Calorific Value (GCV)
HP Heat Pump
HR Heat recovery
HVAC Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
ID Identifier
IS Ice Storage
JSON JavaScript Object Notation [data format]
K Kelvin
LHV Lower Heating Value, also known as Net Calorific Value (NCV)
MOT Minimum Operation Time
NCV Net Calorific Value, also known as Lower Heating Value (LHV)
NFA Net floor area (NRF) of a building
OH Oil Heating
PLF Part Load Factor
PLR Part Load Ratio
PTES Pit Thermal Energy Storage
PV Photovoltaic
QuaSi Quarter Simulation [project name]
REPL Read-Eval-Print Loop of Julia
ReSiE Computational Engine for the Simulation of Energy Systems [simulation tool]
SAM System Advisor Model
SCC Simple Compression Chiller
SCOP Seasonal Coefficient of Performance
SEER Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio
SFP Specific fan power
STES Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage
STTES Short-Therm Thermal Energy Storage
SUT Start-Up Time
SoDeLe Solar Simulation as easy as can be [simulation tool]
TRNSYS TRaNsient SYstems Simulation [simulation tool]
TRY Test Reference Year
TMY Typical Meteorological Year
TTES Tank Thermal Energy Storage
UAC User Address Codes
VS Code Visual Studio Code
WP Wind Power
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